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Table 1 Fresh Tastes @ School classification criteria for `red’ items [[8]]

From: A randomised controlled trial of an intervention to increase the implementation of a healthy canteen policy in Australian primary schools: study protocol

  Food content
  Energy (kj) Saturated fat (g) Sodium (mg) Fibre (g)
Hot food assessed per 100 g     
  Savoury pastries, pasta, pizzas, over-baked potato products, spring rolls, fried rice and noodles >1,000 >5 >400  
  Crumbed and coated foods, e.g. patties, ribs, chicken products and sausages/frankfurts >1,000 >5 >700  
Snack food/drink assessed per serve     
  Sugar-sweetened drinks and ices >300   >100  
  Snack food bars and sweet biscuits >600 >3   <1
  Savoury snack foods and biscuits >600 >3 >200  
  Ice creams, milk based ice confections and Dairy desserts >600 >3   
  Cakes, muffins and sweet pastries, etc. >900 >3   <1.5