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Table 1 List of variables per category

From: Discontinuation of cART postpartum in a high prevalence district of South Africa in 2014

Category Variables
Patient Age
Number of children alive
Alcohol and drug abuse
Psychological wellbeing/feeling happy
Regimen Regimen
Side effects
Switch in regimen
Time between HIV diagnosis and cART initiation
Duration of cART in pregnancy
Time of discontinuation
Condition CD4 cell count at initiation
TB treatment
Multiple pregnancy
Mode of delivery
Pregnancy complications
Pregnancy-induced hypertension/pre-eclampsia/eclampsia
Preterm labour/post-term labour
Gestational diabetes
Intra-uterine growth retardation/low birth weight
Haemorrhage (ante- or postpartum)
Own health
Socio-economic Marital status
Employment status
Access to income
Highest level of education
Treatment buddy
Disclosure of status
Health of possible previous children
Health of the newborn
HIV status of the newborn
Infant feeding method
Health care worker and system Health education
Stock outs
Relationship health care provider
Planned follow-up
Travel costs to CHC
Qualitative variables Reason for discontinuation
Intention for future
Preference regarding continuation/discontinuation
Advise to promote continuation