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Table 4 Data sources

From: Examining the ethical and social issues of health technology design through the public appraisal of prospective scenarios: a study protocol describing a multimedia-based deliberative method

Research objectives Variables of interest OBS DEL SURV
RO.1 To analyze how members of the public, in face-to-face and online environments, reason and deliberate around the desirability of sociotechnical changes in three thematic areas. Processes:    
Ways in which participants reason, agree/disagree, and ponder the desirability of sociotechnical changes within/across thematic areas.
The influence of group deliberations over the formation of one’s judgments (including the group moderator).
Similarities/differences within/across thematic areas in participants’ knowledge claims, normative assumptions and argumentative patterns.  
Similarities/differences between the two deliberative environments in how views are articulated and shared.  
RO.2 To identify usability and ethical issues raised by various design assumptions and features in three areas Outcomes (to be interpreted in light of the scholarly literature):    
Usability and ethical issues that are addressed/ignored by participants within/across thematic areas.   
Design assumptions and features considered desirable/undesirable, that predominate, are reframed or ignored by participants.   
RO.3 To assess whether the sociotechnical scenario method fosters critical, reflective and creative deliberations around the design of health innovations Processes:    
Appraisal of the audiovisual and written components of each scenario.
Participants’ level of engagement throughout the process and ability to relate to the protagonists’ and other participants’ stories.
Expressions of creativity, reflexivity and critical sharing of information.
Ways in which participants envision and describe the value of sociotechnical developments in healthcare.  
Critical observations toward design assumptions and features, and scope/depth of proposed alternatives (participants’ own conclusions).  
  1. OBS: observation; DEL: face-to-face and online deliberations; SURV: survey.