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Table 1 Content adequacy assessment of items intended to measure the change commitment dimension of organizational readiness for implementation (study one)

From: Organizational readiness for implementing change: a psychometric assessment of a new measure

  Mean rating for commitment Mean rating for valence Pass condition 1? Pass condition 2? Pass condition 3?
C1. We are committed to implementing this change. 4.78* 2.52 Yes Yes Yes
C2. We are determined to implement this change. 4.64* 2.28 Yes Yes Yes
C3. We are motivated to implement this change. 4.26* 2.79 Yes Yes Yes
C4. We will do whatever it takes to implement this change. 4.73* 2.41 Yes Yes Yes
C5. We want to implement this change. 3.47 3.32 No No No
V1. We feel this change is compatible with our values. 2.23 4.37* Yes Yes Yes
V2. We need to implement this change. 3.10 3.6 Yes No No
V3. We believe this change will benefit our community. 2.13 4.28* Yes Yes Yes
V4. We believe it is necessary to make this change. 2.91 3.78* Yes No No
V5. We believe this change will work. 2.41 3.34* Yes No No
V6. We see this change as timely. 2.21 3.37* Yes No No
V7. We believe this change is cost-effective. 2.23 3.06* Yes No No
V8. We believe this change will make things better. 2.30 4.47* Yes Yes Yes
V9. We feel that implementing this change is a good idea. 2.54 4.14* Yes Yes Yes
V10. We value this change. 2.30 4.73* Yes Yes Yes
D1. We know what it takes to implement this change. 3.10* 1.93 N/R N/R N/R
  1. * Denotes statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) for one-way ANOVA between mean ratings for Commitment and Valence.
  2. Notes: The first five items were intended to measure change commitment (C). The last item was a distractor (D). The remaining items were intended to measure aspects of change valence (V). The following definitions were provided to participants: Change commitment refers to organizational members’ shared resolve to pursue courses of action that will lead to the successful implementation of the change effort. Change valence refers to the value that organizational members assign to a specific, impending organizational change. For example, do they think the change is needed, important, beneficial, or worthwhile?