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Table 3 Results of panel-MIXL analyses, for the physicians; dependent variable is chosen scenario

From: The preferences of users of electronic medical records in hospitals: quantifying the relative importance of barriers and facilitators of an innovation

Attribute Levels (-1 value vs 1 value) Parameter s.e.
Flexible interface Need to scroll vs Personal tailor option 0.43 0.04**
Decision support present No vs Yes 0.25 0.04**
Feedback performance No feed back versus monthly feed back 0.20 0.04**
Attitude head of department Biding vs Stimulating 0.18 0.04**
Practical support, including training Regular helpdesk vs Helpdesk and training -0.10 0.01**
Data entry hardware Workstation vs Tablet -0.10 0.04*
Intercept   0.67 0.39
Sd intercept   0.87 0.93
  1. **p < 0.01; *p < 0.05.