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Table 1 Attributes, coding in analyses, and link with hypotheses

From: The preferences of users of electronic medical records in hospitals: quantifying the relative importance of barriers and facilitators of an innovation

Attribute Attribute level and coding Level of implementation and aspect
Data entry hardware; hardware to access EMR -1 Computer/workstation Innovation level, ease of use
1 Tablet
Flexibility of interface; user can tailor to wishes, versus static -1 Static: need to scroll Innovation level, ease of use
1 Flexible: user is able to tailor set desired information
Decision support in EMR or not -1 No decision support present Innovation level, added value
1 Decision support present
Practical support, regular IT helpdesk or supported by training -1 Regular IT support Organization level, practical support
1 IT support, combined with training
Attitude of your manager; stimulating or biding -1 Biding Organization level, managerial support
1 Stimulating
Performance feedback; monthly overview of performance department -1 No performance feedback Organization level, added value
  1 monthy overview performance department