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Table 1 Characteristics of retrieved documents

From: Towards a better understanding of the nomenclature used in information-packaging efforts to support evidence-informed policymaking in low- and middle-income countries

Category Criteria Number N = 109   Percent = yes
Yes No
What it covers Topical/relevant issue from the perspective of policy makers with an explicit process for determining topically/relevance (e.g., priority setting exercise, rapid response service). 35 74 32%
Document explicitly addresses at least four or more of the following: political and/or health system contexts, problem, options, implementation considerations, and cost implications. 67 42 61%
What it includes Draws on synthesized/assessed research evidence that has been assessed for its local applicability. 39 70 36%
Incorporates the tacit knowledge of policymaker/stakeholders that has been collected in a systematic way and reported in a transparent manner. 20 89 18%
For whom its targeted Explicitly targets policymakers/stakeholders as the key audience. 72 37 66%
Engages policymakers/stakeholders in merit review. 21 88 19%
How its packaged Organized to highlight decision relevant information. 72 37 66%
Understandable/lay language used. 87 22 80%
In format that is readily appreciated (e.g., graded entry). 98 11 90%
How use is supported Contextualized through online commentaries/briefings provided by policymakers/stakeholders. 5 104 5%
Features and content Equity considerations discussed or implicitly considered, e.g., through topic or analysis. 36 73 33%
Recommendations provided. 47 62 43%
Methods described. 51 58 47%
Quality of research evidence and/ or limitations outlined. 29 80 27%
Reference list provided. 84 25 77%
Local applicability discussed, including case examples to highlight how a particular policy might be adapted to local circumstances. 44 65 40%
Key messages or summary points provided. 63 46 58%
  1. Adapted from [7] and informed by our understanding of useful characteristics appreciated by end users of summary documents [2, 5].