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Table 3 Prompts for focus groups according to Michie’s theoretical domains

From: Barriers and enablers to delivery of the Healthy Kids Check: an analysis informed by the Theoretical Domains Framework and COM-B model

Theoretical domains Examples of interview prompts
Knowledge Do you know about the mandatory and non-mandatory components of HKCs?
Do you know about the RACGP guidelines for child preventive health?
Skills How have you learned how to do a HKC? Have you had any training for HKCs?
Which components of the HKC do you perform? Are there any specific areas of difficulty?
One of the non-mandatory components is questioning the social and emotional behaviour. Do you ask about that?
Can you assess the social and emotional well-being of a three-year-old?
What do you think about measuring children and calculating BMI?
Social/professional role Who do you think should be doing HKCs?
How do they fit with the checks done by MCHNs?
Do you think general practitioners have a role in preventive health in general?
Why did you set up HKCs in your practice?
Beliefs about capabilities How good are we at picking up problems in young children?
How easy or difficult is it to do a HKC?
Do you think that you’ve got the skills (to do a HKC)?
Do you fear that you might miss something? How confident are you that you can pick up a problem?
How confident are you with the assessment of social and emotional wellbeing
Beliefs about consequences Do you think HKCs are worthwhile? Do you think they should be scrapped?
In your experience of doing health checks with this age group, did you come across problems in your population?
What do you think about the evidence base behind the HKC?
How do you think parents view the HKC? Has anyone refused a check?
Motivation and goals Why do you do HKCs? Why don’t you do HKCs?
Memory, attention and decision processes Is performing a HKC something you usually do?
Do you use any prompts?
Has anyone decided NOT to do a HKC?
Environmental context and resources Do you have any systems in place to run a HKC?
Do you have the equipment? What do you use to help with a HKC?
Is anyone using any questionnaires or tools with a Healthy Kids Check?
Is there anything specific about WHERE you practice-your population group?
Social influences Has anyone used any reminders or invitations for HKCs or do you just wait for people to ask?
What do you think about the policy change that links the HKC with the Family Tax Benefits?
Emotion How do you feel about health assessments with children? Does it give you any particular feelings or emotions?
Behavioural regulation Are there procedures or ways of working that encourage you to do HKCs?
Nature of the behaviours What do you currently do about HKCs
What about weighing an overweight child? How do you approach an overweight child?
  1. HKC: Healthy Kids Check; RACGP: Royal Australian College of GPs; MCHN: Maternal and Child Health Nurse.