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Table 1 Additional file participants attending a two-day meeting in Ottawa, ON, Canada, in Sept. 2012

From: Towards a common terminology: a simplified framework of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into health practices, systems, and policies

Name Group Focus
Peter Bragge National Trauma Research Institute, Monash University and Alfred Hospital, Australia Quality Improvement/Evidence Synthesis
Mike Wilson McMaster University, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, Canada Policy
Ann McKibbon Cynthia Lokker McMaster University, Health Information Research Unit, Canada Information retrieval
Susanne Hempel RAND Corporation, California, USA Quality improvement
Susan Michie University College London, UK Behaviour change
Jennifer Leeman University of North Carolina, USA Public health
Jeremy Grimshaw Heather Colquhoun Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa, Canada Provider behaviour change
Kathleen Stevens University of Texas San Antonio, USA Patient safety
Gjalt-Jorn Peters Open University, The Netherlands Behaviour change