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Table 2 Most likely word and word phrases for topics associated with MISC codes study type and background

From: Scaling up the evaluation of psychotherapy: evaluating motivational interviewing fidelity via statistical text classification

Label type Label High probability words and word combinations
MISC Codes QUC (Question Closed; T) have you, questions, would you, are you, risk, drink, you think, okay so, do you have, heard, interested, drinking, drinks, do you think, sound, you have, use, is that, study, does that, sounds, questions about, you ever, called, have you ever, you say, would you say, any questions about, any questions
  QUO (Question Open; T) what do you, what do, group, do you think, you think, expected, how do you, bar, students, study, how do, what are, tell me, groups, how does, thoughts, looked, you know about, get alcohol, so what, how does that, drinking, questions do you, you make of, expect, what are your, do you know, drink, do you make
  RES (Reflection Simple; T) sounds, it sounds like, mentioned, okay so, sounds like, it sounds, like you, you said, you were, sounds like you, drinking, drink, you mentioned, okay so you, you were saying, noticed, alcohol, you said you, so it sounds, were saying, earlier, said you, what you, talked, strategies, drinks, you said that, you mentioned that, limit, experience
  REC (Reflection Complex; T) sounds, it sounds like, sounds like, it sounds, sounds like you, like you, so it sounds, important, okay so, for you, you have, okay so you, drink, drinking, with your, alcohol, you were, experience, like you have, you’re really, drinks, you really, it seems, school, kind of, seems like, important to you, responsible, you do, responsibilities
  AF (Affirm; T) great, appreciate, thank, thanks, thank you, that’s good, that’s great, excellent, for coming in, alcohol, thank you for, drink, for coming, coming in, you for, appreciate you, drinking, glad, drinks, surveys, you have, i appreciate, questions, thanks for, nice, study, sounds, we really appreciate, taking the time, great so
  GI (Giving Information; T) alcohol, blood, drinks, hours, b a c, students, a c, chart, based, weight, looks, level, content, typical, blood alcohol, risk, asked, occasion, it looks like, a point, blood alcohol content, this is, number, drinking, drink, peak, card, point oh, stomach, look at
  ST (Structure; T) survey, feedback, information, section, drink, alcohol, page, we’ll, alright, with you, packet, drinking, talked, we can, so we, move, talk about, little bit about, some of, we’re gonna, conversation, based, bit about, the next, give you, start, surveys, personalized, what you, check
  SU (Support; T) alcohol, drink, drinking, sounds, drinks, difficult, hope, tough, it sounds like, i hope, kind of, a lot, need, less, a lot of, friends, it sounds, use, for you, spring, i know, i think, you’ve been, you do, sounds like, effects, hours, you know
  E (High Empathy; T) kind of, for you, sounds, hand, it seems like, drinking, alcohol, what you, you do, seems like, drink, like you, okay so, it seems, friends, drinks, mentioned, where you, fit, your friends, helps, fun, social, it sounds like, sounds like, with your, something that you, it sounds, you have, hearing
  SP (High Spirit; T) questions, interested, drinking, information, things that you, alcohol, asked, drink, for you, what you, things that, some of, thoughts, use, goals, looking, about your, tell me, what are, kind of, you like, plans, the things, students, interested in, more about, of the things, are some of, okay so, things you
  + (Change Talk; C) when i, drink, quit, drinking, like i, money, don’t wanna, can’t, i would, alcohol, don’t like, stop, it i, need, i can’t, don’t want, i can, where i, know i, i ca, high, i know, i have, i need to, mean i, i know i, i mean i, stupid, weed, sick
  - (Sustain Talk; C) smoke, when i, weed, i’m not, drink, i mean, smoking, i have, like i, i would, i feel, i feel like, it’s not, feel like, drinking, mean i, alcohol, i can, i like, it i, sit, drunk, i smoke, fun, high, buy, relax, don’t have, for me, i mean i
Study Type ARC alcohol, drinking, drink, calories, positive, negative, drinks, level, a lot of, you’re drinking, effects, point oh, percent, excellent, sounds, blackout, beer, common, all right, dependence, beers, relaxed, hour, instances, tend, that point, man, typical, effect, average
  ESPSB break, spring, drinks, spring break, sex, standard, drink, student, average, number, drinking, u w, students, over spring break, typical, on spring break, plans, what you, alcohol, trip, your spring break, u w student, for spring break, mixed, over spring, actual, ounces, island, numbers, vegas
  ESP21 birthday, drinks, wine, drink, standard, beer, alcohol, your birthday, twenty first birthday, bar, drinking, mixed, glass, shots, twenty first, bars, dinner, for your birthday, ounces, twenty one, first birthday, celebration, researchers, on your birthday, how many, dancing, iced, standard drinks, mixed drinks, groups
  HMCBI drug, you know, years, pain, using, drugs, you know what, know what i, marijuana, you know i, i’m saying, doctor, i’ve been, call, treatment, quit, what i, crack, i can’t, i’m not, old, phone, cocaine, use, i got, drug use, i said, ai, clean, depression
  iCHAMP marijuana, smoke, use, smoking, sleep, rem, smoked, marijuana use, evergreen, month, percent, days, pot, in the past, alcohol, your marijuana use, attainment, impact, we asked you, reducing, how if at, drink, class, t h c, the past, in the last, memory, drug, ability, data
Background Background Label 1 week, days, couple, i mean, most, sorry, it’s not, a couple, drink, trying to, nights, seeing, you know, don’t think, quarter, difference, positive, kind of, compared, i mean you, month, a week, hanging, question, start, survey, the last, it just, hit, thinking about
  Background Label 10 drinking, a little bit, drink, a little, kind of, alcohol, little bit more, drinks, you’re not, buzz, a lot, need, less, stop, a lot of, you do, bit more, it’s just, sort of, starting, side, the point, of what, friends, blacking, important, relaxed, effects, question, start
  1. T, Therapist; C, Client.