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Table 2 Process monitoring subthemes

From: Protocol for the evaluation of a pay for performance programme in Pwani region in Tanzania: A controlled before and after study

Specific objective Qualitative indicators
Acceptability of P4P - Size of bonus payment and fairness, and rationale (support or control).
- Extent to which targets are achievable.
- Effect of P4P on working relations between stakeholders
- Difficulties/ ease of implementing P4P
- Extent to which bonus payments are motivating, and changes in perceptions over time
Context of implementation - District leadership and governance of health services
- Supervision
- Access barriers to care (geographical, transport, cultural; other)
- Other interventions underway that target maternal and child health and may influence observed outcomes;
- Other changes in society that may affect access and utilization of health services.
Implementation process - Training process
- Awareness and understanding of P4P
- Availability and use of guidelines and/or operating procedures, ease of following
- Contracting process
- Reporting process
- Bank accounts
- Bonus payment transparency
- Timeliness of bonus payments
- Methods for dealing with misreported indicators
- Use of bonus payments - adherence to guidelines, transparency, fairness?
System changes - Effect on procedures and practices of recording and reporting of information.
- Fund management
  - Supervision frequency and content