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Table 5 Ten most frequently viewed KT term pages by year for the WhatisKT wiki

From: WhatisKT wiki: a case study of a platform for knowledge translation terms and definitions — descriptive analysis

Rank Top pages-2008 Top pages −2009 Top pages −2010 Top pages −2011 (number of accesses)**
1 Applied Dissemination Research Utilization Research Utilization Research Utilization (4297)
2 Knowledge Translation Knowledge Translation Innovation Adoption Innovation Adoption (2707)
3 Capacity Building Implementation Science Implementation Science Knowledge Cycle (2457)
4 Applied Health Research Innovation Adoption Knowledge Dissemination Dissemination (1546)
5 Knowledge Brokering Implementation Research Knowledge Synthesis Implementation Science (1259)
6 Diffusion of Innovation Dissemination Dissemination Knowledge Dissemination (1221)
7 Integrated KT Knowledge Management Knowledge Translation Knowledge Transfer (1206)
8 Knowledge Management Knowledge Dissemination Capacity Building Knowledge Mobilization (1129)
9 Knowledge Mobilization Knowledge Transfer Diffusion of Innovation Capacity Building (1227)
10 Change Implementation Action Research Implementation Research Diffusion of Innovation (1035)