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Table 2 Contrasting static views of sustainability with the dynamic sustainability framework

From: The dynamic sustainability framework: addressing the paradox of sustainment amid ongoing change

  Static view Dynamic sustainability view
Adaptation Bad; avoided/eliminated Inevitable; encouraged, monitored and guided by evidence
Context assessment Initial or during implementation Ongoing
Outcomes assessment During study by researchers Incorporated as part of organization
Review of evidence Initial- from efficacy studies Ongoing; from convergent sources including replications
Staffing issues (e.g., turnover) and variations Ignored/feared Planned for; investigated
Generates new knowledge No Yes, feedback to other areas of science and to earlier stages
  1. Note. This table contrasts more traditional static views of sustainability, in which efforts are made to minimize change and retain the original form of an intervention, from a dynamic sustainability view that we suggest in the DSF, in which change is inevitable and can lead to better fit and ultimately better impact of interventions.