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Table 1 PRIME intervention components, modules and topics

From: The PROCESS study: a protocol to evaluate the implementation, mechanisms of effect and context of an intervention to enhance public health centres in Tororo, Uganda

Intervention component Module Module title Topic***
Health centre HCM 00* Introduction to HCM ▪ Accountability
Management (HCM) HCM 01* Primary Healthcare (PHC) Fund management ▪ Budgeting and accounting using the PHC Fund management tool
    ▪ Budgeting and accounting – putting it all together
  HCM 02 Drug Supply ▪ Principles of the drug distribution system
   Management ▪ Forms required in drug distribution cycle
    ▪ The ACT Drug Distribution Assessment Tool (ADDAT)
  HCM 03 Health Information ▪ Why quality information matters
   Management ▪ The information cycle – from patient to patient
Fever case management FCM-T Fever case management training ▪ How to evaluate patients with fever and select patients for Rapid Diagnostic testing
(FCM)    ▪ Performing and reading an RDT
    ▪ Management of a patient with fever and a positive RDT
    ▪ Management of a patient with fever and a negative RDT
    ▪ Recognition and referral of patients with severe illness
    ▪ Patient education
    ▪ RDT storage and monitoring
  FCM-S Supervision visits ▪ First supervision visit: within 1 week of training
    ▪ Follow-up supervision visits: 6 weeks and 6 months after initial training
Patient-centered PCS 00 Introduction to PCS ▪ Thinking about my role as a health worker
Services (PCS)    ▪ Introduction to PCS
    ▪ Introduction to Self Observation Activities
  PCS 01 Communication Skills ▪ Building Rapport
   Part 1 ▪ Active listening
  PCS 02 Communication Skills ▪ Asking good questions
   Part 2 ▪ Giving good information
  PCS 03 Building a positive work ▪ Health Centre Management Changes
   environment ▪ Dealing with stress at work
  PCS 04 Improving the Patient ▪ Communication Review
   Visit ▪ Patient Welcome and Orientation
  PCS 05** Volunteers: Improving ▪ Patient Centres Services
   the Patient Visit ▪ Welcoming and greeting patients
    ▪ Improving patient navigation
  1. *These two modules are to be covered in the same workshop.
  2. **This workshop was designed for anyone working or volunteering at health centers without medical training.
  3. ***For information on learning outcomes for each module, please see the summary of training and manuals online at