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Table 3 Comparison of RRR and ‘traditional’ realist review methods

From: A time-responsive tool for informing policy making: rapid realist review

RRR method Full realist review method
▪ Examine interactions between mechanisms, context and outcomes ▪ Examine interactions between mechanisms, context and outcomes
▪ Short-term (3- to 6-month turnaround) ▪ Longer term (12- to 24-month turnaround)
▪ Responsive to local policy needs ▪ Reponsive to local policy needs
▪ Results are utilization-focused ▪ Results are utilization-focused
▪ Includes both reference group and expert panel ▪ Likely includes a reference group (or something similar); there is no standard for involvement of an expert panel
▪ Involvement of expert panel allows for conclusions and recommendations to be developed from an emerging/nascent literature ▪ Includes both published and grey literature, search process is comprehensive (until the point of theory saturation), and program theories can be developed over a period of months.