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Table 1 Effectiveness of interventions for guideline development

From: A pragmatic cluster randomised trial evaluating three implementation interventions

Dissemination / educational strategies  
Educational materials Mixed effects
Conferences, courses Mixed effects
Different education strategies Mixed effects
Educational outreach visits Effective
Mass media campaigns Mostly effective
Social interaction strategies
Interaction small-group meetings Mostly effective
Feedback on performance Mixed effects
Opinion leaders Mixed effects
Multi-professional collaboration Effective
Decision support strategies
Reminders Mostly effective
Computerised decision support Mostly effective
Organisational strategies
Introduction of computers into primary care to improve clinical performance Mostly effective
Expanding professional roles Mixed effects
Total quality management/quality improvement Limited effects
Financial interventions Effective
Patient-orientated strategies
Patient mediated interventions Mixed effects
  1. Adapted from Wallin et al. 2009 and Grimshaw et al. 2004.