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Table 1 Phases in the scale-up of KMC in the project regions

From: Translating research findings into practice – the implementation of kangaroo mother care in Ghana

Month Phase Date Activities per region
  Preparation 2007/2008 · Situation analysis in each region
    · Introduction of facilitators to key national and regional role-players
    · Familiarisation of facilitators with health system and conditions on the ground
0 I May/June 2008 · Two-day introductory workshop – three delegates per district
    · One-day steering committee workshop (management of implementation) – one delegate per district
6 II Nov 2008 · Two-day advanced steering committee workshop – one delegate per district
12 III May 2009 · Two-day progress-monitoring workshop – selected steering committee members in each region
    · Field monitoring of progress in KMC implementation
    · One-to-two-day debriefing and report-writing workshop