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Archived Comments for: Understanding the performance and impact of public knowledge translation funding interventions: Protocol for an evaluation of Canadian Institutes of Health Research knowledge translation funding programs

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  1. General Comment

    Frances Ehrlich, IAB

    12 July 2012

    A very interesting read, pity the logic model was not available to view with the provisional PDF publication. I hope it encourages more evaluators/organisations to publish information on protocols /methods for evaluating research funding programs.

    My only comment in relation to the methodology is there was no specific mention of how the various stakeholder groups would be involved in interpreting and making judgements on the evaluation findings. If the principles of utilisation-focused evaluation are to be adopted, this would be a critical element of the evaluation process. I would be very interested to understand more on how the evaluators will facilitate judgements from and amongst the various stakeholder groups, and what, if any, strategies they will employ to encourage use and follow-up after the evaluation.

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