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Table 2 Set of covariates

From: The European quality of care pathways (EQCP) study on the impact of care pathways on interprofessional teamwork in an acute hospital setting: study protocol: for a cluster randomised controlled trial and evaluation of implementation processes

Covariates Level of analysis Description Instrument Respondents
Randomisation group Cluster level Group in which the team was randomised. Structured questionnaire Study coordinator
Patient group Cluster level Patient group for which the care pathway is being developed. Structured questionnaire Study coordinator
Team size Cluster level Number of individuals in the team. Team membership list Study coordinator
Hospital characteristics Cluster level - Number of beds Structured questionnaire Study coordinator
- Patient volume
- Teaching status
- Dedicated ward or not
Team tenure Cluster level Average number of years that the team members are part of the team. Structured questionnaire Team members
Individual characteristics of the team member Individual level - Age and gender Structured questionnaire Team members
- Professional group of team member
- % of working time
- Years of experience with the patient group
- Years of being a team member
- Has the team member a leading role within the team