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Table 1 List of EPRP measures used to create facility performance profiles

From: Improving quality of care through improved audit and feedback

EPRP mnemonic Short description
c7n DM - Outpatient - Foot sensory exam using monofilament
Dmg23 DM - Outpatient - HbA1 > 9 or not done (poor control) in past year
Dmg28 DM - Outpatient - BP > =160/100 or not done
Dmg31h DM - Outpatient - Retinal exam, timely by disease (HEDIS)
Dmg7n DM - Outpatient - LDL-C < 120
htn10 HTN - Outpatient - Dx HTN & BP > = 160/100 or not recorded
htn9 HTN - Outpatient - Dx HTN & BP < = 140/90
p1 Immunizations - Pneumococcal Outpatient – Nexus
p22 Immunizations - Outpatient - Influenza ages 50–64 - Nexus clinics
p3h CA - Women aged 50–69 screened for breast cancer (HEDIS)
p4h CA - Women aged 21–64 screened for cervical cancer in the past three years (HEDIS)
p6h CA - Patients receiving appropriate colorectal cancer screening (HEDIS)
smg2n Tobacco - Outpatient - Used in past 12 months - Nexus - Non-MH
smg6 Tobacco - Outpatient - Intervention - Annual - Non-MH with referral and counselling
smg7 Tobacco - Outpatient - Meds offered - Nexus - Non-MH
  1. Note. The EPRP mnemonic is an identifier in the database for a given measure calculated in a given way. OQP may, over time, change the criteria for a given measure. A measure attempting to capture a similar outcome but with a different calculation method would be assigned a different mnemonic number (for example, dmg28 in the above table, currently described as BP greater than or equal to 160/100, was listed as BP greater than 160/100 in earlier years and would have received a different mnemonic identifier). For purposes of this study, only measures with identical mnemonic during all quarters of the calculation period were used.+.
  2. EPRP External Peer Review Program; DM Diabetes Mellitus; BP blood pressure; HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set; HTN Hypertension; CA Cancer; MH mental health; OQP Office of Quality and Performance.