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Table 1 Key features of clinical networks

From: Net benefits: assessing the effectiveness of clinical networks in Australia through qualitative methods

Feature NSW clinical network WA health network
Established 2009 (developing to mature network) 2006 (mature network)
Goal To advise the NSW Ministry of Health on how best to improve services for people in NSW with musculoskeletal disorders. To provide advice and direction on where and how services should be delivered for West Australian people with musculoskeletal conditions.
Number of members 92 core members (170 on email list) 34 (500 on email list)
Governance NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation WA Department of Health, Networks Branch, Division of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer
Network structure Network Network, Executive Advisory Group
Working Groups and Sub-Groups Working Groups
Focus Musculoskeletal disease Musculoskeletal health – the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by the right team.
Network leader 2 specialist clinician co-chairs Currently a network manager (Health Networks Branch, Dept. of Health); previously a Clinical Lead.
Network management Network manager and 2 officers Network manager (and Branch support)
Membership Physician and surgical specialists, GPs, nurses, allied health, consumers, NGOs, researchers and academics, policy analysts, health service managers, NSW Clinical Excellence Commission, Medicare Locals, Health Education and Training Institute. Physician and surgical specialists, GPs, allied health, nurses, consumers, carers, NGOs, Area Health Service health planners, WA Country Health Service, policy makers, researchers and academics.
Joining network Contact network manager Online registration or direct contact.
Funding Through NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, specific network funding. Through Department of Health, in overall Branch budget.
Working Groups • Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program • Osteoporosis Model of Care
• Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention • Spinal Pain Model of Care
• Paediatric Rheumatology • Inflammatory Arthritis Model of Care
• Elective Joint Replacement Guideline
• Curriculum Development on Osteoporosis for Junior Doctors • Elective Joint Replacement Service Model of Care
  • Musculoskeletal Nurse Graduate Certificate Development • Others established as needed.