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Table 4 PALSA PLUS organization and content

From: From PALSA PLUS to PALM PLUS: adapting and developing a South African guideline and training intervention to better integrate HIV/AIDS care with primary care in rural health centers in Malawi

Domain Symptom-based algorithms
Respiratory system Cough and/or difficulty breathing <2 weeks with... Wheezing/tight chest
Sputum production and/or fever and/or pain on breathing/coughing
Runny/Blocked nose
Pain and tenderness over sinuses
Sore Throat and/or mouth
Ear problem
  Cough and/or difficulty breathing > = 2 weeks with... Asthma (TB excluded) COPD (TB excluded)
Chronic cough (TB/asthma/COPD excluded)
Difficulty breathing(TB/asthma/COPD excluded)
Genito-urinary Urethritis  
  Scrotal swelling or pain  
  Vaginal discharge  
  Lower abdominal pain without vaginal discharge
  Genital ulcer syndrome  
  Other STIs  
HIV with... Cough and/or difficulty breathing
  Weight loss  
  Skin rashes  
  Eye problems  
  Burning feet  
  Abdominal pain (without diarrhoea)
  Psychiatric symptoms  
Domain General clinical management algorithms
Tuberculosis Suspecting TB  
Sexually Transmitted Infections Approach to a client following sexual abuse
  Approach to a client with an STI
  Approach to the partner of a client with STI
  Cervical screening  
  Positive syphilis result  
HIV Diagnosis  
  Routine care  
  ARV initiation  
  ARV follow-up and side effects