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Table 1 Components to be assessed in the study

From: Understanding implementation processes of clinical pathways and clinical practice guidelines in pediatric contexts: a study protocol

Component Definition Data collection Study objective
Context Environment/setting where CPG/CP is occurring -ACT survey
-Pre/Post focus group data
CPG/CP attributes Features of the CPG and CP -Post focus group data 1c
Reach (of KT interventions) Proportion of professionals that participates in each KT intervention. -Education session attendance
-Local champion interviews
Dose delivered (of KT interventions) Amount of intervention delivered -Intervention provider interviews 1b
Dose received (of KT interventions) Extent participants engaged with the KT interventions -Post-focus group data
-KT intervention records
Fidelity (of the KT interventions) Extent to which the interventions were delivered as planned -Intervention provider interviews
-KT intervention records
Implementation of the CPG/CP Extent to which the intervention has been implemented and received -CPG/CP use survey scores
-Outcome data on CPG/CP use