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Table 3 Topics for KT Canada Monthly Seminar Series

From: Core competencies in the science and practice of knowledge translation: description of a Canadian strategic training initiative

Year Topic Presenter(s)
2008 Implementation Science - a Letter from the UK Dr Martin Eccles
2009 Supporting Research Use by Health System Managers and Policymakers Dr John Lavis
  A Shared Decision Making Approach to Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Dr France Légaré
  Ethical Challenges in Knowledge Translation Research Dr Charles Weijer
  Patient Decision Aids as a Knowledge Translation Strategy: Opportunities and Barriers Dr Annette O'Connor
  Cluster RCT Comparing Three Methods of Implementing Practice Guidelines for Children with Croup Dr. David Johnson
  Collaborative Journal Clubs: Can Bottom Up Implementation Work? Prof Paul Glasziou
  How We Use the Language of KT, and Its Challenges: Time for Changes? Dr Ann McKibbon
  The Influence of Social Networks on KT in Long Term Care Facilities Dr Anne Sales
  A Cognitive Perspective of Knowledge Translation Dr Jamie Brehaut
2010 Advancements in Development, Reporting and Evaluation of Clinical Practice Guidelines: Introducing AGREE II Dr Melissa Brouwers
  Translating Nutrition Research into Practice: A Look at Novel Strategies to Improve Evidence-Based Diet-Related Decisions Dr Sophie Desroches
  Making Guidelines Easier to Follow: Bridging Best Evidence and a Clear Message Dr Onil Bhattacharyya and Dr Monika Kastner (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
  Lost in Translation: How I Found the Way Dr Ian Graham
  Storytelling as a KT Strategy in Child Health: Croup as an Illustrative Example Drs Lisa Hartling, Terry Klassen and Shannon Scott
  KT Trials Must Overcome both Poor Practitioner and Patient Performance Dr Brian Haynes
  Sustainability of KT Innovations Dr Barbara Davies
  Studying the Use of Research Knowledge in Public Bureaucracies Dr Mathieu Ouimet
2011 Policy Makers and Researchers as Partners in Knowledge Mobilization Ms Nancy Reynolds and Dr Suzanne Tough
  Required Versus Inspired Partnerships: Report on a Survey of Researchers and Knowledge-Users Holding Integrated KT Grants Ms Jacqueline Tetroe
  KT Research at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute: Using
Psychological Theory to Improve the Implementation of a Hand Hygiene Intervention
Dr Veronique Boscart
and Dr Susan Jaglal
  Supporting evidence based practice through information technologies Dr Diane Doran
  Evidence-based self-management: translation of knowledge into a self-management tool for patients with urinary incontinence Dr Jayna Holroyd-Leduc
  Translating knowledge to support e-health implementation in healthcare: A multidimensional approach Dr Marie-Pierre Gagnon
  Applying to Integrated Knowledge Translation Funding
Opportunities at CIHR: Tips for Success
Mr Ryan McCarthy and
Mr Adrian Mota
  Leading for Quality and Safety Dr Deborah White