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Table 4 Number of depression care manager visits versus change in patient PHQ-9 depression scores

From: Implementing collaborative care for depression treatment in primary care: A cluster randomized evaluation of a quality improvement practice redesign

Depression care manager visits during which a PHQ-9 was administered** PHQ-9 score mean change (lower is better) 95% confidence intervals
(a) Baseline and 24 week only (2 total) (n = 95) -3.83 -5.10, -2.56
(b) Baseline, 24 week, and one additional (3 total) (n = 120) -6.94 -8.09, -5.79
(c) Baseline, 24 week, and two to four additional (4 to 6 total) (n = 163) -8.45 -9.49, -7.41
  1. Based on Care Manager Quality Improvement Registry Data. Total n = 378 representing those clinician- and research-referred patients finishing panel management (380, Fig. 2) minus two clinician-referred patients who completed the 24 week DCM follow-up visit but did not have a 24 week DCM PHQ-9 recorded. Significance levels are p < 0.001 comparing the PHQ-9 change for group (a) to group (c); p = 0.003 comparing group (a) to group (b); and p = 0.16 comparing group (b) to group (c).