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Table 3 Subcodes and number of associated quotations

From: 'To take care of the patients': Qualitative analysis of Veterans Health Administration personnel experiences with a clinical informatics system

Informatics sub-codes Number of associated quotations
'Informatics' top-level code 432*
Electronic communication and connectivity/telemedicine 181
Utilization or lack of utilization of informatics system by providers and patients 161
Decision support 131
Collaborative care and informatics 129
Health information and data 126
Positives 98
Negatives 68
Barriers to informatics system implementation or use 61
Suggestions/improvements 58
Website/internet use 36
Marketing of informatics system/training 28
Reporting and population health management 22
PHQ9/other instruments 19
Usability 18
Patient support 12
IT support required 9
Administrative process 7
Order entry/order management 6
Cost of informatics 3
Results management 1
  1. *Note that some quotations were assigned more than one subcode.