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Archived Comments for: Does dissemination extend beyond publication: a survey of a cross section of public funded research in the UK

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  1. Researchers shouldn't be the ones to have to translate knowledge

    Lynne Garner, Donaghue Foundation

    17 August 2010

    As a US funder of medical research, and one that focuses on getting the benefit of research put into action, I agree with much of what Wilson, et al describe in their discussion of the survey’s findings. Funders need to be clearer about their knowledge translation expectations and create funding opportunities that mirror them. However, the overall implication that researchers must be in the forefront of the knowledge translation endeavor is misguided. University reward structures are focused on faculty members getting new grants and on reporting “high impact” findings, both of which impede translation activities. Funders - working with public health agencies, health care businesses and researchers - need to develop new translation pathways to increase the impact of their investment and not rely primarily on researchers and universities to do so.

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