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Table 1 Required elements and permitted adaptations to intervention features and implementation processes

From: The implementation of a translational study involving a primary care based behavioral program to improve blood pressure control: The HTN-IMPROVE study protocol (01295)

Required elements Permitted adaptations
Site implementation team must include designated 'innovation champion' and IT specialist. Innovation champion can be nurse, physician, or manager.
Site implementation team must involve physicians, nurses, and administrators. Implementation team structure and process (e.g., member roles, meeting frequency, and activities) can vary.
Site must commit one-half FTE for intervention position (i.e., the 'nurse'). Nurse can be registered nurse or other adequately trained clinician (e.g., pharmacist).
  Nurse position can be filled by one person or multiple people (totaling one-half FTE).
Site must enroll a minimum of 500 patients in the first 12 months of the implementation study period. Sites can enroll patients through referral by primary care physicians or through pre-populated list by nurse.
Sites must establish a clinical reminder system that includes an option to order the intervention for patients with out of control hypertension (>140/90 mmHg). The reminder may either be based on the VA electronic medical record system or a paper reminder from the clinic intake nurse for a given patient visit.
Sites need to notify provider if patient enrolled in program. Methods for providing feedback to providers may vary by site.
Site must participate in centralized support activities. Methods for communicating with central site may vary by site.