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Table 2 Calculator Schematic

From: Marketing depression care management to employers: design of a randomized controlled trial

Major Constructs Definition
Size 1 Number of non-unionized domestic employees currently receiving health care benefits
Industry 1,3 Industry type allows calculator to estimate age by gender employee distributions to calculate depression prevalence
Hourly wage/fringe 1,3,4 Hourly wage plus BLS-estimated fringe for non-supervisory personnel in industry type
Missed work policies1 Paid sick leave policies
  Temporary employee policies
  Work makeup policies and practices
Depression in workforce2,3 Number of employees in workforce with 1-year major depression and/or dysthymia
Lost work days associated with Depression2,3 Workdays an employer pays for where work is never completed by temporary, coworkers or depressed worker when s/he feels better
DMW employee participation rate 2,3,4 Number of depressed employees expected to participate in DMW each year
DMW cost per employee participant2,3,4 Estimate cost per employee participant
Annual DMW impact on lost work days 2,3 Incremental reduction in lost work days in workforce using DMW employee participation estimate
Other potential payers 2,3 Summary of peer-reviewed literature on economic impact on health plans and employees
Performance standards 2,3 DMW key component operationalization
Annual DMW cost 2,3 Based on estimated participation rate and cost per employee participant
Annual DMW cost per reduced lost work day ("ROI") 2,3 DMW cost/incremental reduction in lost work days
  1. 1indicates user provides information.
  2. 2indicates calculator provides information.
  3. 3indicates calculator provides documentation/detailed description of estimate derivation and graph.
  4. 4indicates user can modify default values.