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Table 1 Preferences of exposed and non-exposed GPs towards illness or disease-focused interventions to improve LRTI management

From: 'Experience talks': physician prioritisation of contrasting interventions to optimise management of acute cough in general practice

Exposed GPs Preference
'You can't take them apart, I want them both.' (GP1) Undecided
'I found CRP less useful than communication skills training.' (GP2) CST
'Communication is the key component of our profession. If not doing it [communication skills as thought in the training] yet, one should immediately consider it. The other thing [CRP] is an addition, but a very useful one in my opinion.' (GP7) CST
'Communication, as I think this is the most important in consultations, either in LRTI or another condition... CRP as a value is wonderful, but it doesn't tell you everything.' (GP8) CST
'Communication skills training.' (GP9) CST
'If I really need to choose I need to say communication skills training.... That was great fun to do, to systematically use it, it works.' (GP10) CST
'The communicative bit has my preference yes. I always try to do without the test, but well, if I don't succeed I pull out CRP to convince patients.' (GP13) CST
'Communication. I try to structure my consultation to give attention to all aspects, and CRP can be one of them.' (GP14) CST
'Communication training... in the majority of patients you do well with these skills, and when in doubt with CRP.' (GP17) CST
'You'll achieve most by doing communication skills training.' (GP18) CST
Non-exposed GPs Preference
'I'd choose CRP. Two reasons: I'm a games person, so I love such a test very much... and because I feel that communication skills training thing, well... I don't think I need to improve that much in that field... I don't feel communication is the problem in antibiotic prescribing.' (GP3) CRP
'Yes, CRP.' (GP4) CRP
'CRP, as it is useful in my practice and because I feel I can get patients on my side with it. I think that the magic of the machine is more than the magic of my words.' (GP5) CRP
'Most obvious would be CRP, easier and less time consuming.' (GP6) CRP
'CRP, as I think that I will not improve that much when knowing how to give information back to the patient, but I would find it useful to have such a test in my practice.' (GP11) CRP
'I think communication training, as I can buy CRP myself.' (GP12) CST
'CRP, it is useful to know that it is there to be used.' (GP15) CRP
'CRP could help me in case of doubt, I don't see how communication would help me in that regard.' (GP16) CRP
'In the end communication skills training will benefit the most. It is, in any form, always an eye-opener and even if only small bits are remembered, it is nice.' (GP19) CST
'CRP for sure. Much easier, much faster. I expect more of it than of communication skills training. Such a training will offer some extra, but not much.' (GP20) CRP
  1. CST = Communication skills training (Illness focused approach)
  2. CRP = C-reactive protein point-of-care testing (Disease focused approach)