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Table 4 Formative evaluation objectives

From: Developing a national dissemination plan for collaborative care for depression: QUERI Series

Collect and feed back goal-related implementation and progress data to the Mental Health QUERI Depression Subgroup (DSG) on an ongoing basis to concurrently evaluate, inform and identify needs for refinement of efforts to prepare the system for national dissemination and implementation of collaborative care.
Document the process of DSG activities to create organizational infrastructure to support national dissemination.
Evaluate DSG success in meeting pre-specified goals and delivering pre-specified products – see TIDES National Dissemination Plan (Table 5).
Evaluate DSG flexibility to successfully meet additional goals or create additional products that emerge as important during the process, which were not conceived at the outset.
Identify key barriers and facilitators to the process and document if/how they were overcome (barriers) or leveraged (facilitators).
Identify any unintended consequences that emerge during the process.
Obtain perspectives of DSG members and key VA stakeholders on the success/value of research-clinical partnerships to prepare the system for national dissemination of collaborative care.