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Table 2 Case descriptions and the length of the video documentaries

From: Evidence-informed health policy 4 – Case descriptions of organizations that support the use of research evidence

Case Brief description Length
(minutes: seconds)
  A short introduction to the eight case descriptions 1:30 AF 4-1
REACH Policy Initiative, East Africa An initiative to create a multi-national unit that will act as a bridge between research and policy in the East African Community (comprising Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda) 8:26 AF 4-2
Thailand A constellation of research units that informed the development and evaluated the implementation of Thailand's nascent universal health insurance program, known popularly as the 30 Baht scheme 7:46 AF 4-3
Free State, South Africa A set of long term relationships between provincial policy-makers and researchers and the tensions that can arise in these relationships 9:55 AF 4-4
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Australia and South Africa An evidence-based drug assessment and pricing scheme in Australia and South Africa 9:18 AF 4–5
Philippines An initiative to address conflicts of interest and inequity in the production of clinical practice guidelines 9:01 AF 4–6
Chile An initiative to use clinical practice guidelines to make the best use of scarce resources 7:48 AF 4–7
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), United Kingdom A unit producing guidelines and health technology assessments with a new focus on producing evidence-based pubic health guidelines to address health inequalities 6:12 AF 4–8
Mexico A comprehensive effort to draw on research evidence to inform the development, implementation and evaluation of the new health insurance scheme 8:41 AF 4–9