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Table 2 Internet searching: institutions included at each level of Health System

From: Production and quality of clinical practice guidelines in Argentina (1994–2004): a cross-sectional study

Level of the Health System Definition
Macro Level Organisms of the national, provincial and municipal State in charge of health policy formulation, execution and control. It includes: a) National State: Ministry of Health, including all its decentralized departments, secretaries'offices and their dependent organizations that have health promotion, prevention and care as one of their specific goals; b) Provincial State: Health ministries or offices of the provincial government; c) Municipal State: Health offices of cities that were provincial capitals or have more than 250.000 inhabitants.
  Websites of Health Technology Assessment agencies were also included at this level.
Meso Level Intermediate institutions of the public, private and social security sector that provide or manage health services. It includes: individual providers, organizations of providers and health assurance institutions.
Micro Level It is theoretically constituted by individual health professionals. In practice, scientific or professional associations were selected. Only national organizations were included.