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Table 3 Example of Australian Data Sources that might be used to establish health status of regional population

From: A work force model to support the adoption of best practice care in chronic diseases – a missing piece in clinical guideline implementation

Routine National Surveillance Data
Census data Age, gender, socioeconomic index, ethnicity, etc.
Morbidity and Mortality National Death Index, Burden of Disease Studies[44]
Regular surveys National Health Survey, ABS Cause of Death statistics etc.
Administrative data sets
Hospital data bases Inpatient minimum datasets, Outpatient minimum datasets
Medicare data Medical services MBS (Medical Benefits Schedule) on-line data,
  Prescription pharmaceuticals PBS (pharmaceutical benefits schedule) online
Specialist insurers Veterans Affairs, Transport Accident, WorkCover, etc.
Disease/condition specific, cohort data
Disease Registers Diabetes, Cancer, joint replacement register
Special Surveys, including Screening surveys; Region-specific (e.g., Busselton, Dubbo cohort studies), Record-linkage studies, etc.
Primary care data sets Divisions of general practice; Primary care collaboratives
  1. Note: Full references to all data sources available through correspondence with authors