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Table 4 Descriptive data for key study variables

From: Thinking styles and doctors' knowledge and behaviours relating to acute coronary syndromes guidelines

Rational-Experiential Inventory (Mean, SD)  
   Need for cognition (total score) 3.93 (0.37)
   Need for cognition (ability) 4.04 (0.34)
   Need for cognition (favourability) 3.82 (0.48)
   Faith in intuition (total score) 3.05 (0.53)
   Faith in intuition (ability) 3.27 (0.51)
   Faith in intuition (favourability) 2.83 (0.64)
Acute Coronary Syndromes Knowledge and Behaviours  
Q1. Awareness (n/N, % correct answers) Correctly knows year of publication 50/74 (67.6)
Q2. General Knowledge (n/N, % correct answers)
Correctly knows topic coverage
59/74 (79.7)
Q3. Topic Knowledge (Mean, SD)
Number of correct responses (max. 10)
7.08 (1.35)
Q4. Concordant Behaviour (Mean, SD)
I often base my practice on clinical guidelines
4.24 (0.64)
Q5. Discordant Behaviour (Mean, SD)
There are times when I do not give my patients guideline suggested care as the guidelines differ from what I have always done previously
2.77 (0.94)
Q6. Discordant Practice Rate (Mean, SD)
For patients under my care, the percentage with an acute coronary syndrome who have no contraindications and are discharged on [treatment] is approximately ...
27.40 (8.25)