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Table 4 Results of formative evaluations

From: Using formative evaluation in an implementation project to increase vaccination rates in high-risk veterans: QUERI Series

Intervention Status at project completion Comments
Letters to patients Staff at 21 of 23 SCI Centers mailed letters to patients. Project team sent a reminder to staff at SCI Centers about letters to patients prior to 2nd year of project. We also asked if staff wanted to prepare and mail letters without our help.
CCR for influenza The CCR for influenza was used at 16 SCI Centers; another 2 SCI Centers used another template in the electronic medical record; status of use of the CCR for influenza was unknown at 5 SCI Centers. Variation in use of CCR for influenza was documented by FE.
Standing orders Standing orders, a protocol or a limited general order for influenza vaccine for outpatients only, were in place at 15 SCI Centers. No standing orders, protocol, or limited order were in place at 4 SCI Centers; unknown at 4 SCI Centers. Some VAMCs did not have a standing orders policy, but used a protocol or a time-limited general order for influenza vaccine.