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Table 1 Generic sociometric instrument used in surveys

From: Is the involvement of opinion leaders in the implementation of research findings a feasible strategy?

We are trying to identify colleagues who, by virtue of their views, knowledge or standing, are used as a source of advice by their peers.
Please read each of the paragraphs and write in the names of up to three colleagues that best fit the description of each characteristic. The same person may be named for more than one characteristic. You can name anyone with whom you come into regular contact.
1. These colleagues express themselves clearly and concisely, giving practical information. They take the time to answer you completely, and do not leave you with the feeling that they were too busy to answer your inquiry.
2. These colleagues are up-to-date and demonstrate a command of knowledge about clinical issues in general practice.
3. These colleagues are caring and demonstrate a high level of concern. They never talk down to you; they treat you as an equal.