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Anne Sales, Department of Veterans Affairs and University of Michigan, USA
Michel Wensing, University of Heidelberg, Germany


Editors' profile

Robbie Foy, Associate Editor

Robbie Foy has been a member of the Implementation Science editorial team since the journal started in 2006. He stepped down from the the Deputy Editor-in-Chief position on Implementation Science in 2016.

Robbie is Professor of Primary Care at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences and a family physician in inner-city Leeds. His research aims to inform policy decisions about how best to use resources to improve the uptake of research findings by evaluating approaches to change professional behaviour. He is also trained in health services research and public health. He was a 2006-7 Harkness and Health Foundation Fellow in Health Care Policy, based jointly between the Veteran’s Administration and RAND in Los Angeles.

Bridie Kent, Associate Editor

Bridie Kent is the Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Plymouth University, as well as being the professorial lead for the Clinical School at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and Director of the Centre for Innovations in Health and Social Care.

Bridie Kent's research focusses on knowledge translation and decision making in clinical nursing including evidence based practice, evidence implementation and utilisation with a specific focus on patient safety and quality of care delivery. Her research also includes nursing and midwifery workforce issues, including role development; and chronic illness with a particular interest in organ donation and transplantation.

Susan Michie, Associate Editor

Susan Michie is Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London, UK.

Susan Michie’s research focusses on behaviour change in relation to health: how to understand it theoretically and apply theory to intervention development and evaluation, and to evidence synthesis. This is conducted in the domains of risky and preventive behaviours among the general population, managing illness, and professional practice and implementation. Her research develops methods to advance the study of behaviour change, including frameworks such as the Behaviour Change Wheel and the Theoretical Domains Framework.