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Table 5 Dissemination strategy constructs, suggested definition, frequency of construct across frameworks, and other names in the literature

From: A scoping review of frameworks in empirical studies and a review of dissemination frameworks

Strategy construct Suggested definition Total frequency Other names in the literature
Identify the quality gap Synthesize and critically appraise the information 6 Identify, review, select knowledge
Assess dissemination determinants Examine barriers and facilitators for the spread of information 3 Assess barriers to knowledge use
Assess determinants of innovation uptake Examine what contextual conditions are necessary to achieve the outcomes from the innovation uptake 2 Assess barriers to innovation uptake
Adapt the information to the context Connect the information and the medium used to share the information with existing priorities and responsibilities of stakeholders 5 Adapt information to the context
Funding Changes in the financial structure 5 Funding
Policy change Changes in policy 5 Policy change
Monitoring and evaluation Monitoring and evaluation of dissemination milestones and goals 10 Monitoring and evaluation
Sustain knowledge use Examine determinants for sustained use of knowledge 2 Sustain knowledge use
Increase audience’s skills Increase audience’s skills to uptake the innovation 6 Increase skills of end-users, coaching, academic detailing, group discussion, facilitation