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Table 3 Dissemination process constructs, suggested definition, frequency of construct across frameworks, and other names in the literature

From: A scoping review of frameworks in empirical studies and a review of dissemination frameworks

Dissemination process Suggested definition Frequency of constructs Other names in the literature
Knowledge inquiry Inquiry about the knowledge gap: examine what is known, who to approach, how to approach, why to approach stakeholders to achieve the change in the context. 6 Knowledge inquiry
Knowledge synthesis Synthesizing the information to help make sense of the relevant knowledge. 5 Knowledge synthesis
Communication The process of creating and sharing information with others. To distinguish communication from interaction, we conceptualize communication as a one-way communication from researchers to the audience. 3 Communication
Interaction The process where there is an interaction and exchange of information between researchers and the audience. 7 Interaction
Persuading The process of proactively communicating the information, including adding components such as quality gap and value added to the information. 2 Persuading
Activation When the audience starts to act based on the information received. 2 Activation
Research transfer When the information received becomes independent of the agent and is transferred to the audience; that is, the receiver interprets the message, draws a connection between the message and previous knowledge, and attaches meaning to the message to adopt it or reject it. 5 Research transfer, the innovation-decision process, diffusion