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Table 2 Definition of dissemination across the dissemination frameworks

From: A scoping review of frameworks in empirical studies and a review of dissemination frameworks


Definition of dissemination

Framework 1: Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation [16]

“Dissemination is the diffusion that is directed and managed Diffusion is the planned and spontaneous spread of new ideas.” (pg. 6)

Framework 2: RAND model of persuasive communication and diffusion of medical innovation [22]

“Dissemination and acceptance of medical technology assessments can be understood within the context of theories of diffusion of innovation and of persuasive communication.” (p.314)

Framework 3: Effective dissemination strategies [23]

“Dissemination is therefore seen as a process that aims to ensure that key messages are conveyed to specified groups via a wide range of methods such that it results in some reaction, some impact or implementation.” (p.70)

Framework 4: Model for locally based research transfer development [24]

“Transferring research to the users” (pg. 1008)

Framework 8: Conceptualizing dissemination research and activity: Canadian heart health initiative [25]

“Whereas some diffusion processes can be characterized as passive or natural processes, others involve directed diffusion, or dissemination; that is, an active, deliberate, planned process to spread an innovation.” (pg. 271)

Framework 9: Policy framework for increasing diffusion of evidence-based physical activity interventions [26]

“Dissemination is the set of planned, systematic efforts designed to make a program or innovation more widely available; diffusion is the direct or indirect outcomes of those efforts.” (pg. S35)

Framework 10: Blueprint for dissemination [27]

“The various factors that influence the spread of innovation are on a continuum between pure diffusion (in which spread occurs spontaneously through decentralized and informal efforts) and active dissemination (in which spread occurs purposefully through centralized and formal efforts). This report focuses on active dissemination, that is, planned efforts to persuade targeted groups to adopt an innovation.” (pg. 2)

Framework 12: Knowledge to Action Framework [ 28]

“The spreading of knowledge or research, such as is done in scientific journals and at scientific conferences.”

Framework 14: Dobbins’ Framework for the Dissemination and Utilization of Research for Health-Care Policy and Practice [19]

“Dissemination research, defined as the study of the processes and variables that determine and/or influence the adoption of knowledge, interventions or practice by various stakeholders … ”

Framework 22: Interaction Model of Research Use: [29, 30]

“ … Dissemination is deemed to occur when a potential user becomes aware of the research results. This model explains knowledge utilization with the recourse to two determinants: the types of research results and the dissemination effort.” (22a)

Framework 32: Theory of Middle Managers’ Roles in Healthcare EBP Implementation [31]

“Diffusing information: Middle managers disseminate facts, giving employees necessary information about innovation implementation.” (pg. 5)