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Table 1 Frequency of frameworks used in the dissemination studies from our sample (N = 89)

From: A scoping review of frameworks in empirical studies and a review of dissemination frameworks

Frameworks Number
Diffusion of Innovationsa 10
Knowledge to Action Framework 4
Dobbins’ Framework for the Dissemination and Utilization of Research for Health-Care Policy and Practicec 2
Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Frameworka 2
Interactive Systems Frameworkb 2
Network Theory 2
Affective Reactions Model 1
COM-B Model 1
Conceptual Framework for Research Knowledge Transfer and Utilizationa 1
Edquist’s Model of Process and Product Innovation 1
Experimental Social Innovation and Dissemination 1
Information Processing Model 1
Institutional Theory 1
Interaction Model of Knowledge Translation 1
Kumagai’s Conceptual Framework for the Use of Illness Narratives in Medical Education 1
Medical Research Councils’ Theory of Change 1
Miller’s Framework for Clinical Assessment 1
Physical Activity Policy Research Framework 1
Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARIHS)d 1
SPIRIT Action Framework 1
Systematic Review of Dissemination Planning Frameworks and Strategies 1
Technology Acceptance Model 1
Thacker’s Framework for Environmental Health Surveillance 1
Theory of Middle Managers’ Roles in Healthcare EBP Implementation 1
Theory of Planned Behavior 1
Weingarden’s Stages of Implementation Model 1
No specified theory, model, or framework 44
  1. aIdentified as D only framework in Tabak et al.
  2. bIdentified as D = I in Tabak et al.
  3. cIdentified as D > I in Tabak et al.
  4. dIdentified as I only at Tabak et al. Frameworks with no note were not identified in Tabak et al.