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Table 4 Difference in outcome event rate across the study arms in the latest 3 months (before introduction of enhanced A&F)

From: Evaluation of an audit and feedback intervention to reduce gentamicin prescription errors in newborn treatment (ReGENT) in neonatal inpatient care in Kenya: a controlled interrupted time series study protocol

Study arma Patients with incorrect gentamicin prescription (n) All patients with a gentamicin prescription (n) Rateb 95% CIb
Package 1 221 1569 0.141 0.125–0.159
Package 2 218 1566 0.139 0.123–0.157
Pooled 439 3135 0.140 0.128–0.153
  1. aHospitals assigned using restricted randomisation to ensure balanced event rate
  2. bThe arms are not significantly different, statistically