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Table 1 Summary of included QICs

From: The effectiveness of quality improvement collaboratives in improving stroke care and the facilitators and barriers to their implementation: a systematic review

Name of QIC Main QIC publication – author (year) Country Study design Stroke care pathway stage Main improvement areas/s Number of study sites (intervention) Duration of QIC (in months) Outcome type
(direction of effect)
Massachusetts EMS Stroke QIC Daudelin et al. (2013) USA ITS Urgent care Prehospital stroke screening and documentation 17 36 Process (positive) [33]
PRomoting ACute Thrombolysis in Ischemic StrokE (PRACTISE) Dirks et al. (2011) Netherlands RCT Urgent and acute care Thrombolysis treatment rates 12 (6) 24 Process (positive)
Patient (no effect)
Other (positive)
[22, 25]
University of Best Practices (UBP) – “Be There San Diego” Fulton et al. (2017) USA BA Prevention Reduce CVD morbidity and mortality Unclear 36 Patient (no effect) [38]
The Breakthrough Collaborative in Stroke Hsieh et al. (2016) Taiwan BA Urgent and acute care, secondary prevention Various 24 12 Process (positive)
Patient (no effect)
Thrombolysis Implementation in Stroke (TIPS) Levi et al. (2020) Australia RCT Urgent care Thrombolysis treatment rates 20 (10) 16 Process (positive)
Patient (no effect)
Other (no effect)
[24, 26, 30]
Stroke Collaborative Reaching for Excellence (SCORE) O’Neill et al. (2012) USA CS Acute care Various 56 48 Other (no effect) [29]
Stroke 90:10 Power et al. (2014) England RCT Acute and rehabilitation care Delivery of early hours and rehabilitation care bundle 21 (10) 30 Process (positive)
Other (no effect)
[21, 39]
QUality Enhancement for Speedy Thrombolysis in Stroke (QUESTS) Prabhakaran et al. (2016) USA ITS Urgent and acute care Thrombolysis treatment times 15 12 Process (positive)
Patient (positive)
Stroke Collaborative I and II Schouten et al. (2008) Netherlands BA Acute and rehabilitation care, long-term support Length of hospital stay/discharge delay, and set up of integrated stroke services 23 16 Process (positive)
Patient (positive)
[28, 37]
Ambulance Services Cardiovascular Quality Initiative (ASCQI) Siriwardena et al. (2014) England ITS Urgent care Delivery of prehospital care bundle 12 25 Process (positive)
Other (no effect)
[27, 31, 32]
Michigan Acute Stroke Care Overview and Treatment Surveillance System Quality Improvement Project (MASCOTS QIP) Stoeckle Roberts et al. (2006) USA BA Acute care and secondary prevention Various 13 6 Process (positive) [35]
Intervention for Stroke Improvement using Redesign Engineering (INSPIRE) Williams et al. (2015) USA RCT Acute care Deep vein thrombolysis and dysphagia screening rates 11 (5) 12 Process (positive)
Other (no effect)
[23, 40]
  1. BA before-and-after study, CS cross-sectional study, CVD cardiovascular and/or cerebrovascular disease, ITS interrupted times series study, QIC quality improvement collaborative, RCT randomised controlled trial