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Table 1 Included innovative technologies

From: Implementation of innovative medical technologies in German inpatient care: patterns of utilization and evidence development

Type Technology Abbreviation Selection via adoption curve progression type no. or evidence cross-check
Procedures on nervous system
  Neurostimulator for stimulation of the spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, rechargeable NEURO  
  Baroreceptor activation BRA  
Procedures on ear and mastoid process
  Hybrid cochlear implant HCI  
Procedures on respiratory system
  Lung volume reduction by insertion of coils LVRC 4
  Endobronchial valve EBV  
  Pumpless extracorporal lung assist/interventional lung assist PECLA/iLA Evidence cross-check
Procedures on cardiovascular system
  Percutaneous transluminal clipping for mitral valve regurgitation MR-PTC  
  Transcatheter aortic valve implantation TAVI 1
  Minimally invasive heart valve surgery (endovascular implantation of pulmonary valve replacement) PVR  
  Mitral valve annuloplasty with clamp MVAC 5
  Minimally invasive operations on heart valves (implantation of a mitral valve replacement) MVR  
  Percutaneous ventricular assist device (microaxial blood pump) pVAD 6.1
  Excimer laser extraction of pacemaker and defibrillator electrodes EL-P/ICD 3
  Defibrillator with subcutaneously implantable electrode S-ICD  
  Cardiac event recorder after ablative measures for atrial fibrillation/atrial tachycardia ER-ABL 6.2
  Coronary bifurcation stents CBS  
  Antibody coated coronary stent ACCS  
  Bioresorbable vascular scaffold in coronary vessels BVS 4
  Self-expanding bare metal stents in coronary vessels SE-BMS 2
  Coronary stent, self-expanding (at least two stents, drug-eluting) SE-DES  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in coronary vessels DCB-CV 3
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in intracranial vessels DCB-IV 6.2
  Extra-long coils (3D) for intracranial aneurysm therapy IAELC  
  Volume coils for intracranial aneurysm therapy IAVC  
  Intraaneurysmal hemodynamically effective implant for endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms. IAHEI  
  Bioactive coils for intracranial aneurysm therapy IABC Evidence cross-check
  Bioactive extra-long coils for intracranial aneurysm therapy IABC-EL  
  Flow-diverter (hemodynamically effective implant for endovascular treatment) in intracranial vessels FD-IV  
  Intracranial endovascular thrombectomy (microwire retriever) IET-MICRO 6.2
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in visceral vessels DCB-VV  
  Insertion of coated (covered) stents with bioactive surface for visceral and supraaortic vessels BS-VSAV  
  Drug-eluting stents for the treatment of lesions of the supraaortic arteries DES-SAA  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in thoracic vessels DCB-TV  
  Fenestrated endoprostheses for abdominal aortic aneurysms FE-AAA  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in abdominal vessels DCB-AV 1
  Insertion of coated (covered) stents with bioactive surface for peripheral vessels BS-PV  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in shoulder and upper arm vessels DCB-SUAV  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in lower arm vessels DCB-LAV  
  Flow-diverter (hemodynamically effective implant for endovascular treatment of peripheral aneurysms) in upper leg vessels FD-ULV 5
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in upper leg vessels DCB-ULV 1
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in lower leg vessels DCB-LLV 1
  Implantation of a drug-eluting stent in lower leg vessels DES-LLV 6.1
  Implantation of a drug-eluting stent in upper leg vessels DES-ULV 6.1
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in artificial vessels DCB-ARTV  
  Drug-coated balloon catheter in other vessels DCB-OTHV  
  Endovascular implantation/repair of a stent prosthesis using an endostapler SP-ENDOST  
  Endoaortic balloon occlusion with extracorporeal circulation EABO Evidence cross-check
Procedures on digestive system
  Esophageal sphincter implant, magnetic MESI  
Procedures on urinary system
  Adjustable continence therapy ACT 4
  Double J metal stent for urinary diversion in ureteral strictures UD-DJMS  
  Fluorescence-assisted transurethral resection F-TUR 6.2
  Anticoagulation with citrate during dialysis ACD 6.1
  Dialysis with high cut-off dialysis membrane HCO Evidence cross-check
Obstetric procedures
  Fetoscopic drainage therapy FDT Evidence cross-check
Procedures on musculoskeletal system
  Vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib VEPTR  
  Therapy of scoliosis by means of magnetic-controlled rods SCO-MAGN  
Antineoplastic procedures
  Drug-eluting beads for transarterial chemoembolization DEB-TACE 4
Diagnostic procedures
  Ex vivo chemosensitivity testing EVCT  
  Molecular monitoring of residual tumor burden MRD 3