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Table 3 Implementation strategy specifications. This table provides descriptions for implementation strategy specifications or recommended specifying [31]

From: Iowa Implementation for Sustainability Framework

Implementation Strategy Specifications (Related Theory)
Addresses what to call each implementation strategy to be able to identify and communicate those selected.
Phase(s) [10, 33, 40]
Addresses when to use each implementation strategy(ies).
➭ Create Awareness & Interest ➭Promote Action & Adoption
➭ Build Knowledge & Commitment ➭Pursue Integration & Sustained Use
Additional phases
Addresses additional options for when to use each implementation strategy(gies):
Domain(s) [60, 61]
Adds guidance for which implementation strategy(ies) to include.
▪ Marketing ▪ Information ▪ Learning
▪ Commitment ▪ Change Agents ▪ Decision Support
▪ Adaptation ▪ Data ▪ Organizational Infrastructure
▪ Reinforcement   
Provides detail for what each implementation strategy is addressing. It is not an operational definition (see action).
Function(s) (43)
Describes why the implementation strategy may work.
▪ Education ▪ Modeling ▪ Coercion
▪ Enablement ▪ Incentivization ▪ Training
▪ Persuasion ▪ Restrictions ▪ Environmental restructuring
Actor (30)
Identifies who could best provide this implementation strategy.
▪ Payer ▪ Community stakeholders ▪ Outside consultants
▪ Clinicians ▪ Administrators ▪ Implementers (within organization)
▪ Intervention developers ▪ Patient
Target (42)
Describes where each implementation strategy will impact.
▪ Intervention/localized protocol ▪ Characteristics of individuals ▪ Outer setting
▪ Process ▪ Inner setting  
Action procedure
Provides directions for how to do each implementation strategy to improve their effectiveness.
Addresses additional details for how to use each implementation strategy.