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Table 2 Participant inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Behavioral economic implementation strategies to improve serious illness communication between clinicians and high-risk patients with cancer: protocol for a cluster randomized pragmatic trial

Inclusion Exclusion
Medical oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, and advanced practice providers (APPs, i.e., physician assistants, nurse practitioners) Provide exclusively survivorship, genetics, benign hematology, leukemia, or bone marrow transplant care
Provide care at least 1 clinic session per week for adult (age > 18 years) patients with solid, hematologic, or gynecologic malignancies at a participating Penn Medicine practice site
Inclusion Exclusion
Receive care for a solid, hematologic, or gynecologic malignancy from an eligible clinician at a participating Penn Medicine practice site Have a previously documented SIC within 6 months of enrollment
Have at least one scheduled outpatient clinical encounter (either in person or via telemedicine) during the study period Have a non-valid mobile phone number