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Table 1 Required and recommended criteria for pragmatic measures

From: Provider REport of Sustainment Scale (PRESS): development and validation of a brief measure of inner context sustainment

Glasgow and Riley criteria Provider REport of Sustainment Scale (PRESS)
Important to stakeholders Items and constructs were reviewed by practitioners, supervisors, and other researchers before data collection
Burden is low for both respondents and staff Measure is freely available and takes less than 5 min to complete
Actionable Easy to score and interpret
Sensitive to change Items are phrased to be sensitive to change and valid across the spectrum of sustainment
Broadly applicable Can be used across different settings and EBPs
Use for benchmark, has norms to interpret, or addresses public health goals Informs sustainment of a practice in specific settings so that norms can be developed and addresses public health
Unlikely to cause harm No sensitive information collected
Psychometrically strong Rasch Measurement Theory and Classical Test Theory support reliability and validity
Related to theory or model Covers constructs of EPIS model and existing constructs and definitions of sustainment