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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Barriers and facilitators to shared decision-making in hospitals from policy to practice: a systematic review

  Included Excluded
Sample Patients aged 18 and over
Healthcare providers
Healthcare administrators
Healthcare decision makers
Government policy makers
Other stakeholders (including researchers, not for profit organisations)
Patients aged under 18 years
Phenomenon of interest SDM in hospital inpatient setting, in which the decision is made while the patient is an inpatient or in emergency Non-SDM interventions
Decisions made in primary or secondary care settings
Design Primary studies where barriers and facilitators are qualitatively reported Editorials
Randomised control trials
Quantitative studies
Non-peer-reviewed studies
Reviews (reviews were not included, but their reference lists were searched for additional primary studies)
Evaluation Barriers and facilitators to implementing SDM in inpatient hospital settings where the decision is made while the patient is an inpatient, reported in the results section Effectiveness of SDM interventions
Impact of SDM interventions
Preferences for decisions
Research type Qualitative, mixed methods (qualitative only) Quantitative, mixed methods (quantitative)