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Table 1 Characteristics of case examples for evidence-based practice financing strategies

From: Translating economic evaluations into financing strategies for implementing evidence-based practices

Characteristic Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Financing strategies used Pay-for-Success Alternative payment models: case management payment, pay-for-performance Fiscal mapping process (i.e., tailoring of strategies)
Service sector Behavioral health Medical/hospital Primary care
Clinical problem Serious behavior problems (e.g., conduct disorder) Cancer Opioid use disorder
Evidence-based practice(s) Multisystemic therapy (MST) 24/7 clinician access, patient navigation, comprehensive care plan, guideline-consistent treatment Integrating Support Persons In Recovery (adapted Community Reinforcement and Family Training)
Service modality Family- and community-based psychotherapy Bundle of care coordination and treatment services Group intervention for support persons; in-person and telehealth versions
Other implementation strategies used Required readiness, training/consultation, and quality assurance activities Audit-and-feedback, continuous quality improvement, updated health record systems Training and ongoing supervision
Evidence base Extensive clinical and economic effectiveness data Extensive clinical data and more limited (but still promising) economic data Original intervention has shown clinical efficacy; adaptation is being evaluated in a pragmatic trial
Stakeholders involved in financing decisions Colorado Governor’s office; social impact investor companies; MST intermediary Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, based on diverse stakeholder input Bottom-up decision-making: intervention developer conducts fiscal mapping with input from health system and funding agency partners
Role of economic evaluation in financing decisions Projected cost-savings were the basis of selecting MST for implementation A simulation budget impact analysis was conducted for the new payment models based on prior studies Cost data are being collected and evaluated during the pragmatic trial